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(JOBST®) Women's Opaque, Knee High

Medical Leg Wear For Women 15-20 mmHg* (Latex Free)

Softness and ease of donning for exceptional comfortable leg therapy.

  • Softer than ever for great comfort 
    High quality multi-fiber yarns make the new JOBST® Opaque softer than ever. 
  • Effective moisture wicking 
    Innovative Nilit Aquarius fibers wick away moisture and give a feeling of comfort all day long. 
  • Great fit, superior donning 
    Double-covered highstretch inlay yarns make JOBST® Opaque incredibly easy to don and improve the distribution of fabric. 
  • Hides blemishes, reveals beautiful legs 
    JOBST® Opaque’s refined opacity discreetly covers blemishes, giving your legs an elegant look. 
  • Long-lasting elegance 
    JOBST® Opaque’s durability will provide your patients with longlasting elegance.
SoftFit Technology. A revolution in compression stockings

JOBST® Opaque knee high stockings are available now with the unique SoftFit technology 

JOBST® Sensitive silicone band. Comfort that performs.

JOBST® UltraSheer high quality thigh high stockings offer a new, more comfortable silicone band variant: JOBST® Sensitive. A woven-in silicone yarn helps distribute the friction evenly across the welt, creating a soft grip on the skin and reducing skin imprints visibly.


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