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PEDIFIX Natracure Cold Therapy Socks

Cold Therapy Socks provide targeted cold therapy. Socks have pockets sewn in to hold gel pacs in place. Targets relief to heel, top or ball of the foot. Developed by a team of well-known Health Care Professionals. Help improve the mobility of sore, tired aching feet. Cold therapy is excellent for heel/plantar fasciitis. Soft, flannel-feel lining. 1 pair.
  • Relieves pain from heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, toe problems, more
  • Eases discomfort on bottom of foot, top of foot and Achilles’ Tendon
  • Soothes tired, sore muscles, strains and sprains
  • Place removable chilled or frozen Gel packs where needed
  • Effective after injury or surgery
Targeted Cold Therapy for Relief of Foot Aches & Pains

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